New Subscription Model

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On June 15, left beta and be­came an of­fi­cial re­lease. As part of this re­lease there is now a scheme of dif­ferent plans for how you can use Although the terms are cov­ered in the ap­pli­ca­tion and Web site, I thought I’d go over the plans as a blog entry.

The thing to keep in mind is that is struc­tured as ac­counts tied to single pri­mary users. The ac­count has one work­space owned by the pri­mary user that con­tains projects that each con­tain screens (or pages). The work­space owner and ad­di­tional users up to a set limit have ac­cess to the workspace.

With the user man­age­ment fea­ture, the work­space owner can specify ac­cess rights on a user-​​by-​​user and project-​​by-​​project basis. With this fea­ture, the ac­count owner can add other users up to the limit for their plan or delete other users – freeing up a slot. (Remember, deleting a user only re­moves their ac­cess to your work­space. It doesn’t af­fect an ac­count owned by the user or the user’s ac­cess to other workspaces.)

Plan Cost Number of Projects Screens per Project Users Data Storage
Free $0 1 5 2 1 Gb total
Professional $15/​user/​month No limit No limit Number pur­chased 2 Gb/​user
Education $0 No limit No limit No limit 2 Gb/​user
Enterprise Custom No limit No limit Custom No limit
Temporary Professional for Previous Beta Users $0 No limit No limit Number of in­vi­tees from beta ac­count plus 1 2 Gb/​user
Plan Notes
  1. Starts as a 15-​​day trial with credit card info pro­vided up front.
  2. Billing (and billing cycle) starts 15 days later on the credit card un­less ac­count owner takes action.
  3. The cost of $15/​user/​month is a pro­mo­tional price for the launch of the new ver­sion. At some point, it will rise to $20/​user/​month, but people who sign up be­fore Sept. 30, 2011 lock this rate in permanently.
Education Requires all users to be af­fil­i­ated with an ed­u­ca­tional in­sti­tu­tion and use valid e-​​mails ending in .edu.
Enterprise May in­clude extra fea­tures like custom Web storage, white-​​labeling, and SSO.
Temporary Professional for Previous Beta Users No cost for 3 months until September 15th. Downgrades to free plan un­less ac­count owner con­verts to professional.

How to get to the user man­age­ment console

Assigning and inviting a user to the workspace