Scalability and Resilience: Learn How Ensures API Express and Server Code On-demand Deployment

Posted: February 7th, 2017Author: had a strong 2016 and inches closer and closer to 400,000 developers. At the same time, the constant platform updates we roll out add more benefits, services, features, and options. Even without the constant updates, supporting a platform with so many developers would not be a simple task. Our platform has to be ready for continuous updates, increased load, and new user requests and requirements.

We want to provide high SLA level services and avoid unexpected slowdowns and downtimes for customers’ apps even during peak hours. To provide the required scalability and resilience, we rely on industry leader Amazon Web Services and its various features such as Auto Scaling, Launch Configurations, and CloudWatch.

In this blog post you will learn how exactly we ensure scalability and resilience for API Express and Server Code services.

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Posted: January 25th, 2017Author:



We are happy to share that the platform now has support for the IPv6 protocol. In case you don’t know what IPv6 is, you can read more about it here. IPv6 is is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP) and Apple requires all apps to support this network protocol. This means that an app published to the App Store has to use IPv6 network protocol to communicate with the app backend. That’s why this support is important. Our goal has always been to support all the latest and modern features, technologies and requirements on the platform.

Now you get all the benefits of using IPv6 network with Backend Services:

  • API Express
  • Server Code
  • Database
  • Auto-update

The above services now all support IPv6, you can still use the old IPv4 version as well.

IPv6 support information

You can also check out IPv6 validation for

IPv6 support is important as it allows to submit apps to the Apple App Store. This is just the first phase where IPv6 is supported for communication between app and backend services. The second phase will include IPv6 support to external services from Backend Services such as API Express or Server Code.