Want to learn how to deal with low-code app development pitfalls?

Posted: November 18th, 2020Author:

Have you ever wondered what low-code app development pitfalls might get in the way of your product becoming successful? And what can be done to avoid them? Actually, it would be true to say that most, if not all of low-code developers have.

Well, some good news is that you can now find some of the answers to such questions in a new brand-neutral, yet highly informative article from two Appery.io people: Eldar Chernitsky,  head of product at Exadel, and Alexander Ancipov,  head of development at Exadel.

Please follow the link to read the post “3 major low-code app development pitfalls and how to avoid them” published by Software Development Times, a leading monthly magazine for Software and Development Managers, DevOps teams, Test & QA professionals, and CIO’s.

More Ionic 4 Video Tutorials Have Arrived: “Copy to Clipboard” and “Hash code calculation”

Posted: October 8th, 2020Author:

Dear Appery.io Community,

This week, we are introducing two new highly demanded Ionic 4 video tutorials: “Copy to Clipboard” and “Hash code calculation”.

The first video demonstrates how you can add the copy to clipboard feature into your Ionic 4 application:

The second video tutorial explains how to calculate a hash code of string in an Ionic 4 app:

We hope you will find them both useful.

Happy developing!

Appery.io Offers Free Rewarding Advertising to Their Customers

Posted: August 31st, 2020Author:

Dear Appery.io Community,

We would like to thank you for choosing our platform to address your web and mobile app-building needs. It has been a joy to work with all of you, and we hope you enjoy your Appery.io products as much as we enjoy helping you!

In addition to our ongoing efforts to meet your app development needs, we would like to reward our community with an exciting new offer to advertise your apps on our website for free

At this time, we are creating case studies (showcases) based on some of your projects on the Appery.io platform that will help you convert leads into new customers to boost your business.

If you like this idea and want to get in on it, please let us know.

So if you: 

– have an app you’re excited about

– have published your app on any app store, and

– want to advertise this app for free on our platform

Please send us a link to your application at support@appery.io.

While we have your attention, we would also like to remind you that when you work with Appery.io, you build a completely ‘white labeled’ app, so only your company’s logo and name will appear on your final product. As far as we’re concerned, you are the creator and the sole owner of all your apps. Any proprietary information or techniques used for your application will remain confidential; we will never share any information about you without your consent. For more details, you can check our Copyright, Trademark, and Content Ownership section.

We forward to hearing from you soon about this exciting new way to build our partnership,


The Appery.io Team

Meet a Winning App from Our COVID-19 Hackathon

Posted: August 12th, 2020Author:

Two months ago, we announced the winning apps from the Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon. Today, we would like to present one of them to you. “Deep Breath” is a relaxation app featuring a number of timed meditation exercises, as well as an assortment of relaxing nature sounds to aid in sleep.

App Description

This awesome app is designed to help people relax by making it easier to practice self-guided meditations and quick relaxation techniques. These techniques can be practiced on your own with the aid of the app. No special knowledge or experience is required—just follow the exercise steps. Another app feature is a playlist of relaxing sounds from nature, which can be of great help in case you have trouble sleeping.

You can try the app by actually creating it as an app from a backup file. To restore the app from a backup, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app backup file.
  2. Click Create new app.
  3. Click From backup and select the project backup file on your drive.
  4. Type in the app name and click Create:

Setting Up the App

Note that, before you can export the app APK or IPA and install it on your device, you will need to import the following Cordova plug-ins under the Resources > Cordova plugins tab:

When done, select them in the App builder under the App settings > Cordova plugins > Imported Cordova plugins tab:

Also, make sure that the File plug-in and the Media plug-in are added (enabled) in your app (under App settings > Cordova plugins > Core Cordova plugins).

Please, note as well that if you need to build the app for iOS, you will need to upload your distribution certificate and provisioning profile that you obtained from Apple under the App settings > iOS binary tab. You can check this document in case you need help with exporting your application for iOS. And, here, you will find the document that explains how to manage certificates in Appery.io.

Finally, when you are all set, you can proceed with exporting your app (EXPORT > Binary (.apk) or EXPORT > Binary (.ipa)) and then installing it on your device.

See. It looks just beautiful.

Using the App

The app UI is intuitive and attractive. You navigate through the app using a bottom tabs bar.

The Home page nests three different options: MEDITATION TIMER, QUICK RELAX, and SLEEP BETTER all of which offer different activities to be used for relaxation:

Technical Details

The app uses the Cordova Media plug-in for playing audio files, and the native HTML5 audio element is used for playing audio on the desktop. When you play audio on the device, the user can then use the music controls that are shown. The app uses the Cordova Music Controls plug-in for this.

The Feedback page uses the Email Composer Cordova plug-in for composing emails on mobile devices; for desktop machines, it uses a simple HTML ”mailto:” link.

The exercise data is stored in a custom Angular service, dataService.

The auxiliary ngx-countdown module is used for managing the countdown timer on the Timer app page. The progress circle is presented by an SVG element, whose attributes depend on the timer value.

Finally, the Screen Orientation Cordova plug-in forces the app to use the portrait mode.

Welcome to our New Forum!

Posted: July 23rd, 2020Author:

Dear Appery.io community!

We are happy to announce that our new Forum has been launched and we are already looking forward to sharing ideas about the Appery.io platform.

From now on, you are free to visit our new Forum space at https://forum.appery.io/ to post your questions/ideas or look for solutions about building with Appery.io.

And, as always: if you need additional information or have any Appery.io-related questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!



Important Note on the “ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage” Error

Posted: July 15th, 2020Author:

Recently, many of our users have started receiving the “ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage” message when submitting their Appery.io projects to AppStore. This is connected with the fact that Apple is currently in the process of formal deprecating UIWebView and is migrating to WKWebView, UIWebView’s successor.

In this connection, we would like to update our users with the following instructions on how to avoid the issue with Apple submissions:

The workaround to apply for Ionic 4 apps:

  1. Set the following Cordova versions under the App settings > Android binary/iOS binary tabs:



2.  Check if the default InAppBrowser 4.0.0 is enabled on the Core Cordova plugins tab:


Rebuild your app.

The workaround to apply for JQM or Ionic 1 apps:

  1. Under the Project > App Settings > Resources tab, select the latest Appery.io library version available:



2. Under the Project > App Settings > iOS Binary tab, select the latest Cordova iOS version available (6.0.0.): 





3. Under the Project > App Settings > Core Cordova plugins tab, enable WKWebviewEngineAllowFileAccessPlugin:





4. Check that you don’t have edited files on the Source tab

Then, scroll down to locate the Appery.io cordova-plugin-ionic-webview plugin and enable it:


Cordova WKWebView Engine and Cordova-plugin-ionic-webview plugin plugins may be unchecked if Cordova iOS 6.0.0. is selected.

Important note: please be informed, that this workaround might not work if your app is older that one year.

For the apps built earlier, switching to a different browser engine might be needed which might result in some other issues that should be considered separately in every particular case.

Also, we would like to remind you that you are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions about this or any other Appery.io related issue.

We Are Moving Our Forum!

Posted: July 3rd, 2020Author:

For some time, we’ve maintained a forum on Get Satisfaction for our user community to share ideas and questions. But, we finally had to close this forum, because the owner, Sprinklr, Inc., will no longer be offering or maintaining the Get Satisfaction platform.

Meanwhile, if you have any other questions or concerns about Appery.io, please feel free to reach out to our support team directly and we’ll assist you as best we can!

And stay tuned! We’ll be launching our new community forum soon. Thank you for your patience while we finish setting it up.

Appery.io Tester App is Being Updated with App Store and Will Be Back Soon

Posted: June 29th, 2020Author:

To the attention of those Appery.io community members who are used to debugging their apps for iOS devices using our Appery.io Tester app!

This short announcement is to inform you that we are currently in the process of updating and reuploading the app to the App Store and it will become available from it soon.

So, if you receive the message “Appery Tester App Not Available – the app is currently not available in your country or region”, don’t panic and rest assured that we are aware of this issue and are actively working on updating the Tester app and will do our best to push it to the App Store as soon as possible.

We would like to thank you for your patience while we are getting this done and recommend using the below workaround if you find testing via the public preview or using testflight inconvenient or inappropriate:


New Appery.io Subscription Plans—Time to Plan a New App!

Posted: June 1st, 2020Author:

Dear Appery.io Community!

If you thought the recent increase in allowable API calls with no increase in fees was the end of our efforts to upgrade Appery.io as a product to better suit your needs, we’re here to tell you it was just the beginning. We are happy to announce we’ve cooked up two new plans that will be available starting June 4th, 2020!

The Beginners Plan

We are introducing a new monthly Beginners plan, which is a perfect match for users who are just getting into Appery.io and want to poke around a bit more before making a big commitment. This plan is also a good fit for developers looking to build small, lightweight apps. New users will be able to assess our platform and build two projects using our two most popular frameworks: Ionic4 and JQM.

The Ultimate Plan

Now on to the big news for our mid-sized and enterprise clients or for customers who are looking to take the training wheels off their Appery.io experience. You’ll now have the opportunity to sign up for the Ultimate plan, the most comprehensive of all the plans we’ve created. This plan is stacked with 5 hours/month of dedicated professional support service that includes help with coding, custom logic, 3rd-party libraries, API integration, and debugging.

What Stays the Same

  • The popular Pro and Team plans will remain unchanged—except for the previously mentioned massive increase in API calls 😉
  • We are also keeping our trusty 14-day free trial, so you’ll still be able to play before you purchase.

More Options

We are always committed to being as flexible as possible for our customers. If you’re already a customer and you’re looking to upgrade an existing plan, you can do so at any time. Also, if you are interested in a custom plan, private deployment, or enterprise-grade SLA options, just contact us to request a quote.

The Big Picture

For an overview of the upcoming pricing update, have a look at the summary table below. More details will be available on our pricing page once our new plans go into effect.

Monthly Price (Paid Annually)N/A$70$135$500
Monthly Price (Paid Monthly)$25$99$200$600
Included Services per MonthN/AN/AN/A5 hours*
Included Developer Seats11610
Maximum Developer Seats13625
Monthly Price per Additional Developer Seat (Paid Annually)N/A$30N/A$30
Monthly Price per Additional Developer Seat (Paid Monthly)N/A$40N/A$40
Platform API Calls per Month50 k1 million2 million2,5 million
Storage1 Gb2 Gb5 Gb7 Gb
Server Code Script Execution Time3 seconds5 seconds15 seconds15 seconds
Concurrent Server Code Scripts3355
Server Code Script Execution Interval10 minutes10 minutes5 minutes5 minutes
Burst Rate: API Express, Server Code5 req/s10 req/s20 req/s20 req/s
Burst Rate API: Database, Proxy10 req/s30 req/s50 req/s50 req/s
Throughput15 Mb/minute50 Mb/minute100 Mb/minute100 Mb/minute
In Memory Data4 objects4 objects6 objects6 objects
App Versions5105050
App Backup5/monthYesYesYes


* Please note that the five monthly service hours included in the Ultimate plan do not roll over if unused at the end of the contract month. All five monthly service hours must be used within each monthly billing cycle (under both annual and monthly payment schedules).

There’s never been a better time to develop with Appery.io!

Your Appery.io Team

Awesome Apps from the Appery.io COVID-19 Hackathon

Posted: May 26th, 2020Author:

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon!

The Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon grew into a truly fantastic event that brought together many developers and hobbyists around the globe in an effort to come up with digital solutions to some of the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. The submitted applications focused on areas like healthcare, mental health, assistance for the elderly and vulnerable, improving the remote work experience, financial stability, and maintaining a sense of community.

A panel of experts judged each submission based on a detailed set of criteria and reached a unanimous decision on the Appery.io COVID-19 Hackathon winners. Here are our top submissions:

Grand Prize Winner

The winning app named “COVID-19 Knowledge Test” aims to evaluate the degree of a user’s knowledge regarding COVID-19 and increase COVID-19 information literacy.

Congratulations go to our Grand Prize Winner, Katerina Zhadko, a freelance front-end developer based in Europe, for developing such an innovative high-impact application—with Appery.io!

Other Notable Apps

The “Health Monitor” app connects doctors and patients. With this app patients can update their symptoms, notifying doctors of changes in their condition without needing to meet face to face. If a patient fails to report their symptoms or their condition moves outside the appropriate standards for them, doctors are automatically notified and can take appropriate action.

“Deep Breath” is a relaxation app intended to keep users calm during the pandemic. The app features a number of timed meditation exercises as well as an assortment of relaxing nature sounds to aid in sleep.

“COVID-19 Social Vulnerability” app tracks self-reported COVID-19 test results and downstream impacts including mental health, economic conditions, and housing.

“Walks2Go” provides interesting walking routes to people looking to get out of their house in a controlled and safe manner. Users can select the start distance from their current location, the length of their walk, and review a list of suggestions that fit their criteria along with a map of the route.

We want to thank all of those who participated in the Appery.io COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon. The success of this first hackathon is inspiring us now to work on creating even more opportunities to challenge and innovate within our amazing Appery.io community! Stay tuned for future announcements.