Come Chat with Us at #apperychat

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Appery’s Max Katz and Charles Cowens will be hosting a twitter chat for discussion about the #apperyio mobile app platform. We’ll be there to answer your questions, and we’ll have some questions for you, too.

  • Q1: What kind of things are you doing with that you’d like to share?
  • Q2: What are the key improvements you’d like to see in the platform?
  • Q3: Do you prefer getting information through videos rather than text?

Come join us:

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015 9:30am Pacific time
Some links you can use:
Some links you can use:

Join Our (Virtual) Office Hours with Max Katz on June 24!

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Join Max Katz for an interactive Q & A session on Wednesday June 24, 11:00 to 11:30am Pacific. Bring any questions you have about our platform — chances are others will be thinking the same question. Max will take your questions and maybe even demo the answers live!

As a bonus, Max will share a couple of tips and tricks to help you build better apps!

Register to reserve your space now!

Webinar Recording: Building a Barcode Scanner App Integrated with Backend Services

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In case you missed our webinar, watch this recording to learn how to use to build a barcode scanner mobile app. (At the end of this post is some of the coding used in the webinar.)

Check out many other videos on the YouTube channel.

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Tip: Easily Create jQuery Mobile Themes for Use in

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Icon for a tipjQuery Mobile has an amazing “themeroller” for creating custom themes. Because of the openness of, you can easily develop an incredible theme with this outside tool and then just import it into

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More Webinars! More Learning! More Apps!

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An image of being "webinared" is the best mobile app development platform out there, but, with so much in, it’s important you get the help you need to take full advantage of the platform. One way we do this is through frequent webinars. Here’s what we have lined up through May:

April29Using Native Device Features in Cross-Platform Apps: Some Examples
May13Building a Shopping App with Payments
27New in! [Yes. There will be a major mid-May release.]
What time? All webinars start at 11am US Pacific time. Where are recordings of previous webinars? On this YouTube playlist. More questions? E-mail me.

Tip: Use the Breadcrumb to Navigate within Screens in the Builder

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Icon for a tipThe breadcrumb represents the sequence of components containing components leading up to the currently selected component in the screen you’re working on in the App Builder (for example, “outermost component name > name of component inside the outermost component > name of the component you’ve selected that’s inside this component inside the outermost component“). It’s displayed above the screen. When you select the name of any listed component in the breadcrumb, that component becomes the selected component. As you can imagine, this is a very useful feature for working within complex screens.

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Tip: Add File Uploading to Your App Instantly with an Plug-in

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Icon for a tipTwo common ways to upload files in apps are via the browser’s FormData API and via the Cordova file-transfer plug-in. To make it really easy to add file upload to your app, we package the “wiring” for both methods in a standard plug-in. Once you load the plug-in, you can choose which method to use.

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The 7 Pains of Developing Mobile Apps (and How to Solve Them)

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Pain Point ImagePain Point ImagePain Point ImagePain Point ImagePain Point ImagePain Point ImagePain Point Image

Our Head of Developer Relations, Max Katz, recently posted an article in App Development Marketplace describing seven pain points in mobile app development driven by an escalating demand for mobile apps:

Mobile apps are on a trajectory the likes of which have yet to be charted. Digi-Capital forecasts that by 2017, the mobile app market will reach $70 billion of global revenue, with non-game apps to double revenue share from 26% to 51%. This will be made possible by 2017’s expected 200 billion app downloads.

Although Max spends time detailing each pain point, in the end, he point out the path to pain-free development

Read the whole article in App Development Marketplace.


Tip: Add Multi-language Support to Your App in a Snap

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Icon for a tipNeed to make your app’s UI available in different languages? Sounds hard? It isn’t. Just use the i18n JavaScript library. With’s open architecture, you can easily add it in to your app; with’s deep documentation, we can show you exactly how easy it is to incorporate i18n with

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Tip: Any 3rd-party Cordova Plug-in Can Be Added for Your App

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Icon for a tipCordova is available in for your app as ready-to-use components or API calls. However, much of the appeal of Cordova comes from the ability to extend its functionality through 3d-party plug-ins. As an developer, you can extend the Cordova available in using these same plug-ins.

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