Upcoming Pricing Update – Consider Subscribing at Today’s Price!

We haven’t changed our pricing for 2.5 years while keeping the pace of developing new exciting features of Appery.io. In fact, almost entire API Express as well as Ionic 3 editor were introduced during that time period and more new features are coming! We are very close to release PWA support and in Q2 we will release Ionic 4 editor with a set of nice codeless features. On February 10 we will slightly update Pro plan pricing to keep up with rising AWS and development cost. No other plans will be affected. We are grandfathering all existing pro plan subscriptions, so if you are a current Pro plan customer before February 10, your price will not change, unless you make a change to your subscription.

Note that any change in the plan (such as adding or removing users, or stopping and restarting your subscription) will require moving to the new Pro pricing plan.

The upcoming pricing, as of February 10, is as follows:

Billed Annually Billed Monthly
 Pro $70/month $99/month
 Team (unchanged) $135/month $200/month

The new Pro plan pricing compares to today’s price of $90 (billed annually) and $60 (billed monthly).

Additional User Seat Pricing is unchanged. The pricing of new user seats is the same, regardless of the plan and unchanged as shown below.

Billed Annually Billed Monthly
 Additional User (unchanged) $30 $40

There are no other changes to the plans. The allocation of resources such as projects, API calls, push notifications and storage space will all remain the same as before.

Consider Subscribing Today!

If you are considering subscribing to the Pro plan whether monthly or annual, you should consider subscribing before February 10 to lock in the lower price!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at support@appery.io