Exadel to Launch Key Appery.io Enhancements at Dreamforce ’13

Appery.io is Now the Fastest Way to Build Mobile Apps for the Salesforce Platform

Beginning on November 18th, our team will be in attendance at Dreamforce ’13, the year’s biggest cloud computing event. Today, ahead of the event, we’re pleased to unveil key enhancements to our Appery.io platform, especially new capabilities that accelerate the development of mobile apps integrated with the Salesforce Platform.  Today’s news significantly impacts the future of mobile app development as it further establishes Appery.io as the most complete and preferred solution for accelerating mobile innovation in the enterprise.

In a recent interview with CIO.com, Salesforce’s VP of Developer Relations, Adam Seligman, stated, “Our customers have embraced the cloud and social, and now they’re racing forward with mobile. We check our phones and use them 150 times a day, but the business apps haven’t shown up for the party. With Appery.io, everyone from business users to English majors – “citizen developers” – can build business apps quickly. In order to do this, business managers need more control over the development and management of mobile apps.”

Appery.io enables the broadest range of developers, from coders to designers to business users to easily build, integrate and deploy mobile applications. With Appery.io, business users can participate in the development process, or complete the applications themselves, depending on their skill set. Because of our previously released Real Time Collaboration feature, business users can more effectively collaborate with developers, ensuring the resulting apps will meet the business need.

The enhancements we’re launching include:

  • The ability for developers to browse all of their Salesforce objects within Appery.io and easily incorporate them into their apps simply by selecting from a list. Normally, developers would have to define new services by configuring URLs and keys… not anymore! We’ve made the Salesforce platform appear as if it were native to Appery.io; just point and click!
  • A set of Salesforce specific UI templates that developers can add to their apps to save time. Developers can start with the templates and easily bind them to Salesforce objects to create complete applications.

Please check out a video demonstration of these enhancements here:


We’ll be demonstrating these enhancements throughout Dreamforce in the Developer Zone at our Appery.io booth DZ#24 (Moscone West, Second Floor). We invite media, analysts, potential partners, and developers to swing by!

For more developer specific details on these enhancements and more, check out a blog post here from our head of Developer Relations, Max Katz.

As you may have also seen, Salesforce will be running the biggest hackathon ever at Dreamforce, where it will award a $1 million cash prize to the winner! Those participating in the hackathon who are looking for a “leg up” should consider using Appery.io for the following advantages:

  • Our recent enhancements discussed in this post make Appery.io the fastest way to build mobile apps for Salesforce.
  • Appery.io is completely cloud-based (nothing to download!) with a visual development environment that significantly speeds up the building of apps.
  • Appery.io is hackathon-tested, used successfully by many hackathon winners and participants worldwide!
  • Our team will be there to help you!  Look for us at our booth – we’re a Mega Sponsor of the Developer Zone.