Search NY Times Articles with the NY Times Article Search Plug-in

Posted: April 24th, 2013Author:

We’ve just made the NY Times Article Search Plug-in available. The API allows you to interact with NY Times articles. To make it easier to use the API to make mobile apps in, we created a plug-in with some ready-made services (interfaces) to use the NY Times Article Search API.


  1. Login to and start new Application
  2. Select Create new -> From Plug-in, check NY Times Article Search Plugin
  3. On the NY Times developers site you need to register and get API keys for Article Search API. Then you need to fill the parameter article_api_key in NYTIMES_Settings

The App

To find articles you are interested in using the app, you follow these steps:

  1. In the Search enter the keywords
  2. Choose the dates when the article was published
  3. Click Search Article button
  4. You will get the list of articles

Under the Hood

Now that we’ve walked through the app, let’s take a peek under the hood.

NYTIMES_ArticleSearch service

The NYTIMES_ArticleSearch service is linked to UI components as part of the design of the app. It is used to search the article.

For mapping the NYTIMES_ArticleSearch service add it to the StartScreen and make it as shown below:


On the Request tab for begin_date and end_date parameters add the following JS code:

On the Response tab for date response field add the following JS code: