Exadel’s Appery.io Partners with Edmunds for Developer Challenge at SXSW

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What better way to kick off Appery.io’s partnership with Edmunds than with a developer challenge at one of the world’s most forward-thinking conferences? We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Edmunds to speed innovation on the Edmunds API Platform.  To kick off our partnership we are inviting developers to create their apps and demo them at the Edmunds booth at SXSW Interactive for a chance at winning great devices, sponsored by Edmunds.  

As part of our partnership the companies have already collaborated to create an Appery.io plugin that makes it simple to integrate Edmunds car data into mobile apps that simplify the car buying experience for consumers.

“Exadel is thrilled to announce its partnership with Edmunds and believes this challenge offers developers the opportunity to win great prizes by using two platforms that value simplicity and effectiveness,” said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel. “All contestants need to do is incorporate Edmunds API, which is free, using Appery.io’s platform. We are looking forward to seeing the demos at SXSW.”

“We’re pleased to be launching a partnership and developer challenge with Exadel’s Appery.io, especially at an event like SXSW, which inspires innovation across so many industries!” said Ismail Elshareef, Senior Director of Open Platform at Edmunds. “We’re most excited to see the developers’ apps in action and how they integrate Appery.io and the Edmunds API to create mobile offerings that simplify and improve the researching and car buying experience for consumers.”

Appery.io and Edmunds make development so easy that an app showing consumer reviews of any car model can be built in less than 7 minutes.

If interested in participating, please sign up and find the resources you will need at http://appery.io/edmunds.  Be sure to come see us at Mashery’s Circus Mashimus Lounge (Room 3 at the Austin Convention Center, near the main entrance of Trinity Street) open 1-6 PM on Friday March 7 and 9 AM – 6 PM from Saturday March 8 to Monday March 10.

Stay updated on SXSW activity by following @apperyio, @Edmunds and @Mashery and contribute to the challenge using the hashtags below:

  • #EdmundsApperyio – the official hashtag for the challenge
  • #CMLounge – the official hashtag for the Mashery Lounge

Good luck and see you in Austin!

Webinar: Learn How To Build Mobile Apps with Appery.io

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Title: All about Appery.io – learn how to build mobile apps with Appery.io.

When: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

What: Max Katz introduces Appery.io in this comprehensive webinar. There will be plenty of time for questions, so bring lots of them! We will show you how to build the app UI, add database, add custom logic with server code and add send push messages.


Exadel to Launch Key Appery.io Enhancements at Dreamforce ’13

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Appery.io is Now the Fastest Way to Build Mobile Apps for the Salesforce Platform

Beginning on November 18th, our team will be in attendance at Dreamforce ’13, the year’s biggest cloud computing event. Today, ahead of the event, we’re pleased to unveil key enhancements to our Appery.io platform, especially new capabilities that accelerate the development of mobile apps integrated with the Salesforce Platform.  Today’s news significantly impacts the future of mobile app development as it further establishes Appery.io as the most complete and preferred solution for accelerating mobile innovation in the enterprise.

In a recent interview with CIO.com, Salesforce’s VP of Developer Relations, Adam Seligman, stated, “Our customers have embraced the cloud and social, and now they’re racing forward with mobile. We check our phones and use them 150 times a day, but the business apps haven’t shown up for the party. With Appery.io, everyone from business users to English majors – “citizen developers” – can build business apps quickly. In order to do this, business managers need more control over the development and management of mobile apps.” Read the rest of this entry »

Win a $1,000,000 Hackathon Prize (I like spelling out the zeroes.)

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Largest Single Hackathon Prize Ever

Our partner, Salesforce.com, certainly knows how to get your attention. They certainly got mine! This is a really great opportunity for mobile app developers. (The runner-up prizes aren’t too shabby either.)

What is this? Salesforce.com hosts a big annual uber-conference called Dreamforce. This year’s runs November 13-17 in San Francisco. As part of the conference, there’s a Developer Zone that focuses more on the technical side. If you have a bunch of developers together, you’re going to have a hackathon. The difference this time is that the prize is so amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Back at MobileCON 2013

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Exadel’s Fima Katz, Francisco Kattan, and Max Katz were all at MobileCON this year to promote Appery.io. Appery.io was a finalist for the Application Development & Platforms MobITS award, Francisco Kattan presented on “Is Your IT Department a Bottleneck for Mobile Innovation?”, Max Katz demoed Appery.io, and we made two announcements. Read the rest of this entry »

Webinar on Wednesday: What’s New in the Latest Appery.io

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We are looking forward to our next webinar with Max Katz, Head of Product Management and Developer Relations for Appery.io. This time, he will be explaining how you can get the most out of Appery.io using its newest features, like advanced collaboration, Heroku integration (for publishing apps), and new UI components. You can see all of these new features demonstrated in this hands-on webinar. And, if there’s time, we might be able to squeeze in a little bit of the latest on Exadel RESTXpress, our secure web integration product … maybe.

What’s New in Appery.io
Wednesday, October 2nd, 10am Pacific time

Register now for the webinar.

We Made Finalist for the 2013 MobITs Award – Help us WIN with your vote now!

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Great News!  A panel that included industry influencers such as Ovum, Strategy Analytics, Frost and Sullivan and IHS selected Appery.io as a finalist to win the 2013 MobITs award in the category of “Applications and Platforms for Enterprise Extensions to Mobile.”  This is quite exciting for us, specially after also recently receiving the 2013 Mobile Merits Award for Best Enterprise Product or Service.  This has only been possible because of the great support we get from our community, so thank you!

Help us WIN with your Vote Now!

The winners will be selected by a popular vote on the internet.  Please vote for our entry NOW.  To vote, simply click on the image below:


and then click on the “Sign Up/Sign In to vote” link on the upper right of that page.   Please note the deadline!

The winners will be announced at the MobiCON 2013 on October 17, in San Jose, CA where in fact, we will be speaking at one of the thought leadership sessions.

Thank you for your support!


1-Day Mobile Training: Learn How To Build HTML5/jQuery Mobile/PhoneGap Mobile App with AT&T APIs And Appery.io

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Coming on the heels of a very successful DevLab by AT&T in Seattle, and DevLab AT&T Palo Alto, we will be heading to Plano, TX for another 1-day mobile training.

You are invited to attend the AT&T DevLab in Plano, Texas. The event, to be held at the AT&T Foundry, will be a day of hands-on learning, coding, and education focused on AT&T’s messaging and speech APIs. You will get in-depth experience with app building: learning how to add speech and messaging APIs to your own apps and how to use the Appery.io cloud-based rapid development platform to build an HTML5/jQuery Mobile/PhoneGap mobile app.

Register for this free event here. Space is limited and is for app developers currently working independently or with app-based companies. You will receive confirmation of your registration one week prior to the event with full details and an agenda.

Here is what you can expect from the day:

  • API Lab exercises & coding – (Speech API, SMS, In-App Messaging, Appery.io rapid app development)
  • AT&T Subject Matter Experts
    • Michael Pacholec, Developer and Platform Evangelism, AT&T
    • Richard Harrington, Architect AT&T API Realization
    • Max Katz, Developer Evangelism, Appery.io
  • Food and beverages provided
  • Networking with AT&T decision makers and your fellow developers

Date: Sept. 26th
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Place: AT&T Foundry – Plano, TX ( 2900 W. Plano Pkwy)

Check out the Video and Q&A from Our Recent Joint Webinar with Salesforce.com

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In case you missed our recent joint webinar with Salesforce.com, take a look at the recording on our YouTube channel.  We had the pleasure to be joined by Dave Carroll, Director of Developer Evangelism at Salesforce.com who described the mobile strategy for Salesforce.com and how Appery.io fits into their strategy.   Since we did not have time to answer all the questions that came up, we are posting them here for your review.   Please feel free to comment if you have additional questions.

Q: Is there a step-by-step tutorial for the Salesforce integration?

A: Yes.  There is a tutorial on the Salesforce.com blog. In addition, there is a full set of Appery.io tutorials here and here. We also have a full set of self training videos.

Q: Which Browsers are supported for development?

A: Appery.io supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as Internet Explorer 10

Q: Which mobile platforms does Appery.io support?

A: Appery.io supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Mobile Web

Q: Can you recommend books, websites or other resources to get up to speed quickly? Jquery, Java, Javascript, which would be the best approach for a beginner?

A: We like Code Academy.  There are probably many good resources available on the internet.

Q: I am a beginner. What would be the first steps I take towards becoming a Salesforce apps developer?

A: Have a visit to http://developer.force.com and sign up for a free Developer Edition. Then take a look at http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Force.com_workbook to grab a workbook that walks you from beginning to advanced.

Q: Can you explain about using the Appery.io Proxy?

A: The Appery.io Proxy is used when using services that don’t support cross domain service calls.  For more information, check out our documentation here.

Q: Is there a way to use the Force.com platform without using Oauth? This would be for a consumer based product that needs to access some data from custom objects but it is not necessarily a Platform user with login credentials

A: There is no way to use the Force.com platform without OAuth. We do support public facing apps and web sites through the use of our Communities product. Communities is an outgrowth of our Customer Portal and Partner Portal features. Using this you have external folks login with a much more affordable license and still gain the convenient features of the database. Another alternative is to use Site.com which provides the ability to put up a website for the public that uses data from the database.

Q: Does Appery.io use PhoneGap for the native build?

A: Yes.   Appery.io incorporates Apache Cordoba (aka PhoneGap) to support the native device APIs and binary builds.

Q: Can the Salesforce plug-in automatically read the objects that exist in that instance of salesforce.com (including custom objects), or does the list of objects have to be hard-coded into the plug-in ahead of time?

A: This is possible because Salesforce provides a Metadata API that enables the discovery of objects.  Using this approach it is possible to define services to automatically access Salesforce objects during runtime.

Q: How can we change the UI elements of the app ?

A: There are multiple ways.  Every component has properties so you can change in the properties panel.  There is also a “more properties option” to add custom properties.  Finally, you can use jQuery selector to change or add properties.

Q: I have tried to instal salesforce sample app, but the free account does not have enough room for all needed pages. Is there way to evaluate it without purchase?

A: Yes, please use the promo code given out during the webinar.

Q: Looks good, how about the look and feel? Can we provide custom branding as needed?

A: Yes. Appery.io has a set of prebuilt themes to change the look and feel of the apps you build.   In addition, developers can create their own custom themes using ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile.   Finally, developers can modify the CSS  directly or create their own CSS files.

Q: How could you implement the barcode scanner service into this Salesforce example?

A: Salesforce.com has a number of samples.  You can take the code that implement the barcode sample, and import it right into Appery.io

Q: Can I use the Kendo UI Framework?

A: At this time we support jQuery Mobile and WinRT User Interface Frameworks.  However you can import any JavaScript library that does not conflict with jQuery Mobile or WinRT.

Are you at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon? Here is how to build your app fast (so you can get some sleep)

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Does you hack include a mobile app?  Appery.io is the fastest way to create a complete app across iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Mobile Web.   There is nothing to install.  You develop in the browser and you can easily collaborate with your team members because the projects can be shared in the cloud.  Also, because Appery.io has built in support for many of the APIs that are sponsoring the hackathon, it is super easy to integrate to those services and win more prices!  Appery.io is the best way to complete your hack in time and still catch some sleep!

In fact, when we launched the Appery at TechCrunch Disrupt New York earlier this year, Appery.io was the most widely used product in the hackathon.  Over 30 teams chose Appery.io to build their projects, including many of the winners!  For more on this see:

Appery.io Steals the Show at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon!

The list of prebuilt API plugins includes:

  • Crunchbase
  • PeerIndex
  • Pearson
  • Twilio
  • Yammer
  • Weather Underground
  • ESPN
  • Many other APIs (see list here), including many Mashery APIs

Even if the API you want to use is not pre-built, it is super easy to integrate with it on the fly.  Check out this and this (two minute videos) to learn how.

To get started:

  1. Register for a free Appery.io account.   With this link, you will have access to our “Standard” plan, normally a paid service.  If you already have a free Appery.io, you can upgrade it with this promo code:  disruptsf13 (go to Account, Change Plan, select Standard, and enter the code)
  2. Check out our docs.  Be sure to check out our product tour playlist you YouTube (there are plenty of other videos on our YouTube channel)
  3. Check out our tutorials for specific API plugins (including many that are sponsoring the hackathon!)
  4. If you need help, contact support@appery.io or check out our forum

Best of luck at the Hackathon!  We can’t wait to see what you build, please send us an email link to your finished project!